Founded in 2008, Atelier Zebulon Perron offers interior design services principally in the commercial sector. The privileged and distinct approach for Zebulon and his team resides in understanding interior design as a tool for a fulfilling client experience, where visitors can quickly feel comfortable and at ease within minutes of entering a new space. Atelier Zebulon Perron sees in each project an opportunity to design a unique interior which connects to its users. Creator of numerous projects ranging in their sizes, the Atelier invests in listening to their clients' needs to ultimately bring together aesthetics, design and commercial success.


Claste was born of a shared belief that perfection is not impossible and that the constant pursuit of excellence is the only way it can truly be achieved. This belief is the cornerstone of every small decision and big dream, of every design decision and every experience we create. When something is done right it results in an intangible experience, a subtle luxury that can be seen, touched and felt. Our desire is to create a shared experience which results from achieving a level of quality in our work that in turn creates a pride of ownership in every piece.


Lambert & Fils draws inspiration from art, design and architecture history to create sleek yet poetic lights, in which apparent simplicity does not exclude design complexity. All collections are designed, manufactured and assembled in Montreal. Lambert & Fils commits itself to a tradition of high-quality in-house design, local savoir-faire, and a strong, collaborative team spirit.