Studio is a project that aims to showcase Canadian artists and highlight local talent and expertise.

March 1 ‐ April 30 2022

Episode 1

Clara Jorisch

Clara Jorisch is a Montreal-based designer who combines design, art and craft to create unique pieces with singular shapes. She works with reflection, using glass and mirror to create her pieces. Clara Jorisch tells us more about her background and process in Episode 1 of Studio.

Episode 2

Simon Johns

Simon Johns is a fine arts–trained designer living and working in the secluded woods of East-Bolton in southern Quebec, Canada. Illustrating a conversation between the fabricated and the elemental, Simon creates one-off and limited-edition pieces of sculptural furniture and lighting. Learn more in episode 2.

Episode 3

Will Choui

Will Choui is a furniture designer based in Montreal, Quebec. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2020 with an MFA in furniture design. He is not a control freak, but his work is freakishly controlled. Discover his work and pro-cess in episode 3 of Studio.

Episode 4

Michael Godmer

Michael Godmer’s studio creates timeless, simple and au-thentic spaces, where the history of the place and that of its inhabitants coexist. Through multi-disciplinary design, the team is committed to delivering meticulous execution, one project at a time. Learn more about their work in the 4th episode of Studio.

Episode 5

Studio Minéral

Alexandra Gélinas is a Canadian designer specialized in ceramics. Her background in industrial design gives a unique dimension to her work. Her studio Minéral, established in December 2020, is a workshop specialized in the production of limited edition ceramic products. Learn more about her work in the 5th episode of Studio.

Episode 6


D’Armes is a design studio that creates enigmatic and modern lighting with a singular and poetic approach. Nestled between the lakes and mountains of Eastern Canada, a team of professionals, designers and artisans create refined, distinct and timeless lighting with uncommon and disparate elements that provoke unique emotional responses. Learn more in Episode 6 of Studio.

Episode 7

barbeau desrosiers

Based in Montréal, barbeau desrosiers is a creative studio specialized in object and furniture design.
Their thoughtful and sensible approach is imbued with curiosity and conscientiousness and leads to a deeper under-standing of the context and essence of each project. Learn more about their work in the 7th episode of Studio.

Episode 8

Coop Etabli - Essai

Essai is a small furniture company founded in 2019. Essai develops furniture somewhere where coherence and playful-ness collide. Essai wants to value craftsmanship while aiming for accessibility through a rigorous approach to design. Learn more about their work in episode 8 of Studio.

Episode 9


Under the creative direction of Guillaume Sasseville, SSSVLL works on the definition of the object, its form and its materiality. The projects range from objects, to furniture, to space planning. Results aim for simplicity, where the complexity of the industrial process fades into the background to reveal
a precious experience, always tinged with a subtle humour. Learn more in episode 9 of Studio.

Episode 10


Atelier Vaste designs and manufactures in Montreal a selection of sustainable furniture that fits naturally into everyday life. Vaste is aware of Quebec’s northern character and offers pieces that are elegant, appropriate and timeless. Learn more about their work and process in Episode 10 of Studio.

Episode 11


Annie Legault, the founder and creator of Amulette, received her BFA from the Fibres and Material Practices program at Concordia University. Every piece for the Amulette collection is handmade by Annie. Jute, merino and alpaca wool are just some of the natural fibres that are used throughout Amulette’s collection. An advocate for the process of “slow design”, Amulettes direction is to evoke a sense of cocoon-ing. Learn more about her work in episode 11 of Studio.

Episode 12

MDT Mobilier

MDT Mobilier has been developing and producing distinctive and sustainable furniture in Montreal since 2015. Mathieu Domingue Trempe and Éliott Légaré produce furniture de-signed with character and sensitivity, choosing steel for its strength and flexibility. Learn more about their work and process in Episode 12 of Studio.

Episode 13


APPAREIL Atelier, the little brother of APPAREIL Architecture, explores and realizes a variety of concepts, with a curiosity and audacity all its own. Highlighting local know-how, it de-signs custom-made furniture and solutions made in Quebec. Composed of both architects and industrial designers, this multidisciplinary team aims to carry out unusual mandates where different scales come together. Learn more about their work and process in Episode 13 of Studio.

Episode 14

Pascale Girardin

For more than 20 years, Pascale Girardin has been exploring the worlds of ceramics, visual arts and design, instilling her unique vision upon the art objects, tableware and architectural installations that she creates. Learn more in episode 14 of Studio.

Episode 15


Found is a Montreal-based project by ALLSTUDIO. The studio specializes in designing objects, furniture and spaces for residential and commercial projects. ALLSTUDIO works with clients and manufacturers across the US and Canada. Maxime Lévesque, Maude Rainville and Xavier Ouellet talk about their work and process in episode 15 of Studio.

Episode 16


AtelierB promotes the use of concrete as a noble material by combining artisanal practices and advanced techniques. Founded by Frédéric Tremblay in 2001 in Montreal, AtelierB manufactures collections of concrete floors, countertops, panels, furniture and accessories. Custom-made or ready to be installed indoors or outdoors, their products are designed by designers, architects, urban planners and lovers of con-temporary creations. AtelierB products are the result of many years of research and reflection. Their goal is to offer innovative and accessible solutions with high quality results and a unique attention to details. Learn more about their work in Episode 16 of Studio.

Episode 17


Cyrc is a circular-type furniture and home goods brand based in Montreal. In search of ethical, climate-positive and waste-free furniture, Guy Snover and Daniel Martinez design their products with end-of-life in mind. Their furniture contains no glue, no paint, and nothing they can’t easily take apart. They are built to last, to be repaired or, if necessary, refurbished. Learn more about their process in the 17th episode of Studio.

Episode 18

Claste Collection

Since their inception in 2017, Claste have cultivated an aesthetic rooted in a new minimalism resulting in a refined, sensual collection of work that provides grounded moments of reflection, devoid of distraction yet monumental and bold. Learn more about his work and process in episode 18 of Studio.

Episode 19

Atelier Zébulon Perron

For the past 20 years, architectural designer Zébulon Perron has completed hundreds of interior design projects including furniture, art objects, and graphics among others. He is the president and artistic director of Atelier Zebulon Perron, which he founded in 2008. Learn more about his work and process in episode 19 of Studio.

Episode 20

Lambert & fils
Through its exploration of new design and technologies, Lambert & Fils investigates the many shapes of light. The studio has created award-winning installations around the world, taking over display windows for Paris Design Week, hosting a six-day pop-up café for Milan’s Fuorisalone. Learn more about Lambert & fils in episode 20 of Studio.

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