Broadcasted from Montreal on April 22nd to May 4th, Fictions was an immersive virtual exhibition of eight Montreal designers including Atelier Zébulon Perron, Claste Collection, David Umemoto, Lambert & Fils, Loïc Bard, Pascale Girardin, SSSVLL, and Yannick Pouliot. Presented by the Canadian Creators Collective. Curated by Nicolas Bellevance-Lecompte. - This is a clip of the event -

April 22 ‐ May 4 2021

Lambert & Fils


Paravent is a large-scale light installation that invites the viewer’s gaze to shape the work according to the image they perceive. Born from an exploration session around ceramic extrusions, the project poses a fundamental question: is light a space in itself?

Through its exploration of new design and technologies, Lambert & Fils investigates the many shapes of light. The studio has created award-winning installations around the world, taking over display windows for Paris Design Week, hosting a six-day pop-up café for Milan’s Fuorisalone.

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Atelier Zébulon Perron

Spineless chair

Dispossessed of its spine, the chair is cut down the middle splitting it into two hemispheres. With only the most essential connection points remaining, they confer both its strength and fragility. The chair embodies this relationship and its inherent tension.

For the past 20 years, architectural designer Zébulon Perron has completed hundreds of interior design projects including furniture, art objects, and graphics among others. He is the president and artistic director of Atelier Zebulon Perron, which he founded in 2008.

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Claste Collection

Lest we be kings

We are a society that craves attention but desires anonymity, we yearn to be seen but not to engage, we aspire to be Kings hiding in plain sight. The seats of these chairs are partially encased in walls of bronzed glass, with the visual connection to the world around reduced, but not removed.

Since their inception in 2017, Claste have cultivated an aesthetic rooted in a new minimalism resulting in a refined, sensual collection of work that provides grounded moments of reflection, devoid of distraction yet monumental and bold.

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David Umemoto

Various Objects

These raw concrete installations representing miniature buildings are both decorative objects and works of art in their own right. The gray monochrome of his creations as well as the architectural vocabulary make for pure and simple lines, referencing classic structures and at the same time making the bridge to modern industrial buildings.

David Umemoto holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Laval University (Quebec).
David’s work embraces the simplicity of the material and the economy of means. Pragmatic and poetic, his current practice bridges the spirit of Architecture, Sculpture and Design.

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Pascale Girardin


I experience clay work as a point of junction – where action and thought, coupled with the material’s reactivity, are interconnected and the result is not yet determined. It is my belief that the locus of creativity lies within these fleeting and subtle instances. Thus I seek to express potential rather than result – a different way to look at space, places and objects.

For more than 20 years, Pascale Girardin has been exploring the worlds of ceramics, visual arts and design, instilling her unique vision upon the art objects, tableware and architectural installations that she creates.

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Industrial Fragment

From a matrix of recycled material obtained by a rotational molding process, a collection of everyday objects is revealed by selective cutting. Chairs, tables, benches have as a common denominator the formal traces of the initial matrix.

SSSVLL, with Guillaume Sasseville as creative director, gives objects their definition through material and form. Since 2008, Guillaume Sasseville has been engaged in a search for the common : that point of resonance where materials, objects, spaces, and uses strike a chord.

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Loïc Bard

Cabinet Bone 01 and Bone 02

Diminutive cabinets carved in white maple and limestone, their surfaces smooth, their hearts open, offering themselves to all secret tchotchkes and misplaced mementos…

Loïc Bard is a Montreal-based designer who specializes in the art of woodworking. The organic forms that inform his designs are rooted in the natural environments of his childhood, and are inspired by Japanese philosophies of craftsmanship. He seeks to embody a sense of simplicity and strength in the objects he creates.

Yannick Pouliot

Nouvelles Singularités

Trained in visual arts, horticulture, and cabinetmaking, Yannick Pouliot has been exhibiting his work since 2002. His pluridisciplinary practice includes sculpture, installation, photography, drawing, printing, and video.


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